Verminian Trap


Defend yourself from alien attack



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Verminian Trap is a fixed-screen arcade game that puts you in control of a space explorer stranded on an alien-infested planet, who only mission is to survive for as long as possible.

All of the action in Verminian Trap develops from just one screen, where you can move around while being attacked by endless waves of enemies.

Luckily, although it's possible to play one-player, Verminian Trap is built for up to four players to play simultaneously. It has a global score so you can see everyone's points.

As game author Locomalito notes in the game's official page: to truly enjoy Verminian Trap, you'll need chips, drinks, and friends. And that's exactly the game's philosophy.

Verminian Trap is an arcade game with traditional gameplay that could have been pulled from any arcade in the 80s. As you can imagine, it retains all of the charm and addictive power of the titles to which it pays homage.
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